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If you are looking at this site from an iPhone or iPad, my photo albums are flash based and unfortunately Apple mobile devices don't support it. I am working on an album you can see listed above as "iPhone Photo's", and when you have the time check it out on any other portable device, i.e. Android, Blackberry and any PC, or Mac you can see the one below and on the next page Album #2!

Welcome to Jay Primeau's personal home on the web. I have been Tattooing Professionally since 1993, when in 1995 I opened the first Tattoo street shop in Winnipeg, Primal Art  in Osborne Village. However the bigger Primal Art got, the harder I found it to give my Client's my full attention so I left in 1999. I spent the next few years traveling around Europe and Canada Tattooing! Dec, 2017 I am working with a great group of artist's at River City Ink! We are located in the heart of Corydon Village at 776 Corydon Ave. Phone 204-475-4943 We are open 11-6:30 Tuesday to Saturday, feel free to call and ask to book with Jay!

Please feel free to email me at.

Jay has taken Microbiology for Invasive Procedures at U of W, and was the first Tattoo Artist in Winnipeg to complete O.S.H.A'S Blood Borne Pathogen course and to certify annually ! So you know you are getting a safe Tattoo!! I will be more than happy to show you the Tattoo studio and go over all the sterility procedures we have in place!         NEW NEEDLES EVERY TIME!!!

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